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wick holders

Wick Holders for Wine and Liquor Bottle Oil Lamps, Rock Oil Candles and Jar Oil Candles

Wick holders hold the wick in place in your oil candle.  DIY oil lamps such as wine bottle oil candles, liquor bottle oil lamps, rock oil candles and mason jar oil lamps.  Our wick holders are available in glass wick holders, aluminum wick holders, brass wick holders and ceramic wick holder designs.  Glass wick holders are also called wick holder inserts or tubes for oil lamps. We carry the popular ceramic wick holders for wine bottle candles and a knob style wick holder for some liquor bottles and larger openings. 

Wick holders are available in many sizes and styles.  Place the correct wick size inside of your wick holder insert to fit the opening of your container.  Always measure your container opening to determine the size of wick holder that you need for your application. Each wick holder recommends a wick size to fit that wick holder.

Wick holders are used to hold the wick in place in candles.  Wick holders are used both in oil candles and in wax candles, with completely different applications.  We at sell oil candle wick holders.

Wick holders for oil candles come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and materials.  Our most popular wick holder is the glass wick holder which is used to hold the wick in position in your oil candle.  Glass wick holders, ceramic wick holders, and metal wick holders are our best sellers.  The glass wick holder is available in 3/4" length, 1.25" length, 2", 4" and 6" wick holder.  The flange is the top of the wick holder and it is also available in different widths.  The flange holds the wick holder on the top of the oil candle container and wick then is inserted and the wick extends above the wick holder, about 1/16" of an inch.  If the wick is higher, it tends to smoke. 

The ceramic wick holder is a popular wine bottle wick holder.  The ceramic wick holder is also available in 2 sizes that we have in stock.  Be sure to check with us, we are currently designing a new ceramic wick holder that will be a great new design for oil candles.  The ceramic wick holder is available in the tapered cork style that is the popular wine bottle wick holder design.  We also have a ceramic wick holder that is a larger size that is designed in the knob style.  This larger knob style ceramic wick holder is used in larger openings such as small bottles with an opening of about 1 1/4" and the ceramic wick holder then cradles into the opening and holds the wick in place.

The metal wick holder is available in our popular aluminum wick holder and also brass rings.  The brass rings can be used with the glass wick holder, allowing the glass wick holder inside of a brass ring wick holder to fit larger 3/4" to 1" openings.  The aluminum wick holder will also fit wine bottles and is also used in tiki torches.

You must measure your bottle opening or drill the correct size hole to properly fit the wick holder you are purchasing.  When you are drilling a hole for the wick holder such as in rock candles, you must drill the hole about 3/8" if you are using a glass wick holder that has a tube size of 1/4".  The wick holder must have some room for expansion as glass heats up.  Our wick holders are thermal glass.