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10 Glass Wick Holders Large 13mm Flange Top 30mm Length

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10 Thermal oil candle glass wick holders perfect for your mason jar candles and rock candles.  This glass wick holder is 30mm length with a top flange width slightly over 1/2" approximately 13mm wide.  Perfect for oil candles and oil lamp designs, this glass wick holder has a flange width that is slightly larger making it great for rock candles with the top being a 3 mm flat design.  Each wick holder includes an 8" section of fiberglass wick to fit.

You may purchase extra wick to fit this wick holder - Oil Candle Wick Cotton/Fiberglass 3.2mm or our FWS18 Loose Weave Fiberglass Wick


  • 3 mm thick flange top
  • Flange width of 13mm (slightly wider than our 1/2" flange wick holders).
  • Tube length of 27mm - just over 1" under the flange. 
  • Overall Tube Length is 30mm  about 1 1/4"
  • 6mm outside tube diameter
  • Inside tube diameter opening of 4mm 

 Drill holes 3/8" to prevent breaking the tube and this allows the candle to breathe, Use with brass rings to fit larger openings.