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Wine Bottle Wicks. Whiskey Bottle Wicks and Wick Holders as well as Rock Candle Wicks and Wick Holders

Oil candle wicks and wick holders for the popular bottle oil candles, mason jar oil candles and rock candle designs. We have wicks and wick holders available in glass wick holders, ceramic wick holders, aluminum wick holders and brass wick holders. Wick for your oil candles is available in fiberglass or cotton. Plastic funnels are great for filling and much needed for your oil candle supplies. We have a full line of heat resistant glass wick holders in your choice of lengths that will work for any oil candle design. We also offer ceramic wick holders and a line of metal wick holders in both aluminum and brass. These wick holders are perfect for wine bottle candles and tiki torch candle designs for your outdoor use in the summertime.

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Oil Candle Wicks, Wine Bottle Wicks and Wick Holders

Oil candle wicks for the popular bottle candles and rock candle designs. Our bottle wicks and wick holders are available in glass, ceramic, aluminum and brass wick holders. Our oil candle and oil lamp supplies include wick holders, wick, and funnels for designing your oil candles. We have a full line of glass wick holders in choice of lengths and flange widths that will work for your application. We also offer ceramic wick holders and a great line of brass and aluminum wick holders under our metal wick holders. Also another favorite in making oil lamps are the rock candles. For this you need wick holders, wick and an oil reservoir. Browse our complete line of oil candle supplies. Design your oil lamp from wood, glass, rock or glass blocks. We have the oil candle supplies you need to create your oil candle masterpiece. Some of the more popular oil lamps are wood logs dilled out with oil reservoirs for a burning log look to use in the fireplace. Another popular oil candle design are the rock candles. These oil candles have the look of a burning rock and they are most commonly done with granite.

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