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oil candle wick

Oil Candle Wick, Fiberglass or Cotton.

Oil candle wick for your bottle oil candles, tiki torch candles, rock candle and oil lamp designs.  Our wicks are available in fiberglass and cotton wick in several sizes.  The most popular wick is our fiberglass wick.  Fiberglass wick is longer lasting wick and does not need as much trimming as cotton wick.  Fiberglass wick does not burn away like cotton wick, making it the most popular wick for oil candle, oil lamp designs.   The size of the wick is determined by the size required by the wick holder.  Each of our wick holders will specify the size of wick required for use in that wick holder.  We carry both fiberglass wick and cotton wick.  Our fiberglass wick is by far the most popular wick used in oil candle making today.