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glass wick holders

Glass Wick Holder for Oil Candle Mason Jar and Rock Oil Candles

Glass wick holders are designed to hold the wick in place inside of your oil candle or oil lamp.  A glass wick holder is most commonly used when creating a mason jar oil candle, and rock slab oil candles.  The wick holder is placed inside of the opening that you have drilled into a lid of a mason jar.  Be sure to drill the hole 1/16" larger than the glass tube so it leaves room for expansion of the glass.  

Glass wick holders are available in several sizes. The flange of a glass wick holder is the wider glass top.  In rock oil candles, be sure to drill your hole in the rock slab wider than the glass tube that extends down, so it gives room for the expansion when your candle is burning and heats up.  The length of your wick holder is a matter of preference in many oil candle designs. 

Be sure to use the correct wick size for each wick holder.  We recommend a wick size for each of our glass wick holders.  The wick holder must fit the opening you have drilled, not falling through. Always measure your container opening to determine the size of glass wick holder that you need for your application

Glass wick holders for oil candles come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. The glass wick holder is available in 3/4" length, 1.25" length, 2", 4" and 6" wick holder.  The flange is the top of the wick holder and it is also available in different widths.  The flange holds the wick holder on the top of the oil candle container and wick then is inserted and the wick extends above the wick holder, about 1/16" of an inch.  If the wick is higher, it tends to smoke. 

The wick holder length is a matter of preference.  Many times a longer wick holder is used in the popular mason jar candles that are decorated with fruits and potpourri and if you want to extend the wick deeper into the jar, you can use a 4" or a 6" glass wick holder.

You must measure your bottle opening or drill the correct size hole to properly fit the glass wick holder you are purchasing.  When you are drilling a hole for the wick holder such as in rock candles, you must drill the hole about 3/8" if you are using a glass wick holder that has a tube size of 1/4".  The wick holder must have some room for expansion as glass heats up. 

Our wick holders are thermal glass. We are currently manufacturing glass wick holders with wider flange widths for your oil candle designs.