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100 Oil Candle Glass Wick Holders Wholesale 12.5mm Flange

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Glass wick holder oil candle insert tube with a raised flame design. This is our original glass wick holder featuring the popular 1/2" (12.5mm) flange. This glass wick holder uses our FW 1/8" fiberglass wick. Wick Sold Separately.  You may also use our FW16 fiberglass wick (1/16" diameter) folded with looped end at top with two "tails" hanging down into the oil reservoir.

Click here for raised flame wick holders including wick.

If you need to fit a larger opening (such as a wine bottle) you can use the 3/4" brass ring wick holders or our 1" brass ring wick holders featured in our metal wick holder page.  The glass wick holder will cradle inside of the brass rings giving you a fit for a larger opening.

The outside diameter of the wick holder tube is 1/4" drill holes 5/16" to prevent breaking the tube and this allows the candle to breathe.

  • 1/2" flange (collar) width
  • 1 1/8" under flange
  • 1/4" above flange
  • 1 3/8" overall length
  • 1/4" outside tube diameter
  • 1/8" inside tube diameter.