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Cotton Wrapped Fiberglass Oil Candle Wick 2.8mm

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Cotton wrapped fiberglass wick is great for oil candle and oil lamp designs.  This wick measures 2.8mm. This wick has a cotton wrap exterior with a fiberglass interior. This wick pulls the oil up well with the cotton outside woven wrap.  With the fiberglass interior of this wick, it does not burn away like plain cotton.  It has the pull of cotton with the endurance of fiberglass wick.  This wick is great for use in some of our glass wick holders.  If you prefer, you can double the wick over, creating a fold at the top of the wick holder, leaving "tails" extending down into your oil reservoir.   Sold in 5 foot sections but if you order a larger quantity of wick it will be cut in one continuous piece.  Select the wick length you need to order with the radio buttons.


Be sure to read the description of each wick holder.  We tell you which wick fits each wick holder.