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100 Ceramic Wine Bottle Wick Holder Bulk Wholesale

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Ceramic wine bottle wick holder dimensions: .80 width, tapering to 1/2" wide bottom tip and 1 inch overall length, wick opening is 3/16". Ceramic wick holders uses our 1/8" fiberglass wick. Wick is sold separately.  These ceramic wine bottle wick holders are designed to turn wine bottles, beer bottle and olive oil bottles into decorative oil candles for your home or outdoor patio use.  The DIY tiki torch wine bottle candles are a popular gift. This un-glazed ceramic wick holder is made of a thermal safe steatite material.  Always measure the opening of your bottles, as the openings of the wine bottles vary in size.

 Ceramic wine bottle wick holder dimensions:

  • .80 width
  • tapering to 1/2" wide bottom tip
  • 1 inch length
  • wick opening is 3/16". 

6" is about the maximum pull a wick can pull draw from the source, this will vary depending upon designs.

Fray the wick top out above wick holder for a larger flame. 

You can use paraffin oil for indoor use and a nice choice for outdoor patio and entertainment is citronella oil to keep away those pesky insects and mosquitoes.