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ceramic wick holders

Ceramic Wicks and Ceramic Wick Holders for Wine Bottle Candles and Larger Liquor Bottles

Ceramic wick holders in wine bottle wick holder style, white ceramic wine bottle wick holders, and also the large ceramic wick holder.  These wick holders are used when designing oil candles and oil lamps from wine bottles, patron bottles, liquor bottles..  Always measure your bottle openings as there are may bottle styles. Your wick holders are designed to hold your wick in place and your wick holder has to be the correct size to sit on your bottle rim, and not fall inside of your bottle opening.

Ceramic Wick Holder - Ceramic Wick Holder Knobs

Ceramic Wick Holders are perfect for wine bottles and for larger mouth bottle openings. Ceramic wick holders in a knob style are used for your larger openings on your oil candle designs.  Our ceramic knob wick holders are charming when hand painted for a creative look.

Our Wine Bottle Ceramic Wick Holders are totally inert, inorganic ceramics. They are not glazed, however they are non-porous, non flammable, they do not absorb the oil.   All organic materials are burned out of the ceramic wine bottle wick holder. In our ceramic wine bottle wick holders we recommend our 1/8" fiberglass wick  (FW18) and we fold the wick over on the top of the wick holder, and pull it back through the wick holder opening. (forming a loop).  This creates a smooth burn on the top of the wick holder.

Ceramic wick holders for your oil candle designs. We have ceramic wick holders in 2 styles. Ceramic wick holder knob style can used with a glass wick holder. Ceramic wine bottle wick holder style. See each ceramic wick holder  below for complete product description, photo and ordering information. Measure your wine bottle opening to choose the best fit.

Ceramic Wine Bottle Wick Holder
Ceramic Bottle Wick Description: Dimensions: 3/4” at top tapering to 1/2” at bottom. Overall length is 1”. There may be minor variations in measurements. Material is thermally stable Steatite, unglazed. (ceramic) Suggested wick is 1/8” diameter fiberglass (folded over on top for snug fit in your ceramic wick holder). You can fold 1/8" fiberglass and insert in the opening, bottom up.  Wick is sold separately on our bulk wick holders.

We have a new ceramic wick holder that is great for larger openings and it accomodates a larger wick. Our ceramic ball wick holders are also a great look for some of our candle designs.  Be sure to measure correctly for your bottle opening for selecting the correct ceramic wick holder.

This product is designed for turning wine bottles into decorative oil lamps. We suggest using fiberglass wick in your ceramic wick holder, measuring the wick length for your bottle or container. Six inches is about the maximum draw for this wick design. Draw and burn rates will vary due to fuel types, humidity, vacuum, wick setting and other design criteria.

We suggest you test your design for safety and performance before going into mass production.