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5 Bottle Wicks for Oil Candles Wine Bottle Aluminum Wick Holders

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5 pack wine bottle aluminum wick holders.  These wine bottle wick holders are 1" wide and includes 8" wick with 1/4" round fiberglass for each wick holder.  These oil bottle wicks are great for your bottle oil candle designs. You can select the option of longer wicks with the radio buttons.  This wick holder is aluminum and features a mushroom shape. With the flange of the bottle wick holder being flat it is perfect for your wine bottle oil candle designs. 5 aluminum wick holders, great for wine bottles, whiskey bottles and some patron bottles, to create your tiki torch candles.  Fiberglass wick does not burn away like cotton wick.  Wick length is only a matter of preference.  The average pull of your fuel source is about 4 - 5 inches so keep your oil levels high.

We recommend paraffin oil as it is a safer oil to burn.  Keep your wick low about 1/8" to prevent soot.

The dimensions of our new aluminum wick holder are as follows. ALWAYS MEASURE THE OPENING OF YOUR BOTTLE - THEY ALL VARY IN OPENING SIZE.

  • The overall length is 1 3/8"
  • The tube length under the flange is 7/8"
  • The width of the flange (diameter across the top) is 1" (25mm)
  • The outside diameter of the tube is 3/8"
  • Tube opening diameter is 1/4".

You can fold over the wick top, doubling it, for a tighter fit, still allowing the candle to breathe.