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10 Glass Wick Holders 3/4" Wide Flange Oil Candle Wick Kit

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10pk glass wick holder includes wick - our new design glass wick holder features a wide 3/4" flange top, great for some of your bottles and mason jar candles and even rock candles.  We include a 10 fiberglass wick for each wick holder.  Featuring a heavier borosilicate heat resistant glass tube of 5/16" diameter - drill your opening to 3/8" - allowing room for the candle to "breathe" (preventing a vacuum)so it does not snuff out.

This glass wick holder has the following dimensions:

  • 3/4" flange top
  • 1" tube length under the flange
  • 5/16 tube diameter
  • 1/8" wick opening

To install the wick just compress the wick end and insert at the bottom and use an upward twisting motion and the wick will feed up into the wick holder, then pull it through.